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Return / Refund Policy
An exchange will be made if:

1. Incorrect or defective items shipped.
2. Damage to the product as a result of a manufacturing defect or deviation from factory specifications.

All goods must be returned with the original packing and accessories. Exchanges are acceptable within 7 days (14 days for international delivery) upon receipt of order by customer.

Customers will be notified through email once we receive the package. Please allow 10 days for the package to reach us.

All returns will be reviewed first by Toymana and we reserve the right to perform remedies including:
-Replacing the product with a new item of the same design and model, or
-Full refund in Toymana credits, or
-Full refund in in the same form as the payment for the original purchase.

We reserve the right to cancel any order without providing any reason. This will be regardless of whether the payment has been confirmed / received. Payment for the cancelled orders will be refunded and the user will be informed. Refund can sometimes take upto 14 days to take effect.

Special Offers
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